Budget Management Overview

The office of Budget Management within University Accounting maintains fiscal, budgetary and internal control over the university's state and auxiliary accounts, which approximately total $1 billion dollars. Major functional responsibilities include:

  • implementing and enforcing university policies/procedures and providing direction and assistance to university units with regard to the university's salary and non-salary state budgets;
  • responsible for the annual preparation of the salary working budget for all state and auxiliary accounts;
  • assisting the Office of Budget and Resource Studies with preparing the annual asking budget request to the State of New Jersey;
  • overseeing the payment and control of the university utility, telephone and cellular phone charges; and
  • monitoring the process and approval of all temporary and permanent budget adjustment forms and salary savings requests.

Fund Source Information

State fund sources record revenues against budget from state appropriations, tuition and university-wide fees, investment income and facility and administrative cost recoveries in 1-0XXXX, 1-3XXXX, 1-4XXXX fund sources. Expenditures are recorded against budget in 2-0XXXX, 2-1XXXX, 2-2XXXX, 2-3XXXX, 2-4XXXX and 2-7XXXX fund sources. Questions regarding state sources can be addressed to Cheryl Hart.