Restricted/Endowment Projects

The Department of Restricted & Endowment Projects of the Division of University Accounting is responsible for maintaining accounting and fiscal control over funds provided to the university that are restricted for a particular use by an outside party (and in some cases by the university). These funds, received for a specific department or operating purpose, are assigned to one of three major classifications: endowment projects, loan projects, or restricted projects.

Main responsibilities of the Restricted and Endowment Projects department

  • Maintain endowment principal balances by project in FUNDRIVER.
  • Responsible for recovery and distribution of endowment spending and gift revenues.  Create supplemental schedules and surveys required each fiscal year-end.
  • Work in conjunction with the Rutgers University Foundation to open new projects, allocate donated funds to the appropriate accounts, and properly steward funds to adhere to any donor requirements regarding the use of donated funds.
  • Administer the university's endowment pools, and separately invested funds, and publish accurate ledgers to account for the investment activity resulting from the university's investment portfolios.
  • Oversee the billing, reconciliation and cash management of State, Federal and university financial aid programs.
  • Provide assistance to departments throughout the university in the setup, maintenance and reporting for all projects assigned to restricted and endowment projects