Travel Order Form Instructions

Complete all sections and submit the online Travel Order Form. After submitting the online form, you will receive an email with a PDF of the completed form. Print and sign the PDF form, then fax it to the travel agency that is purchasing the airline or rail tickets on your behalf (see agencies below). Your department may make a copy of the form for its records. 

Within two busines days of the fax order date, the original Travel Order Form must be mailed to:

  • University Accounting, ASB-Room 300, Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Any questions pertaining to the use of this form can be directed to University Accounting by contacting Eli Djambinov at 848-445-5014 or

Completing the Form

  1. Select the preferred travel agency being utilized.
  2. Enter the fund source, organization code, natural account, and total ticket price (including any applicable service fee).
  3. Enter the traveler's name.
  4. Enter the traveler's campus phone number.
  5. Enter the traveler's campus fax number.
  6. Enter the traveler's complete mailing address (including building and office number).
  7. Enter the department name.
  8. Enter the name of the person requesting travel.
  9. Enter the date that the form is completed and faxed to the travel agency.
  10. Enter requestor's campus phone number.
  11. Check the appropriate type of travel.
  12. Enter the date(s) of travel.
  13. Check the mode of transportation and enter the amount of the ticket.
  14. Enter the departure city.
  15. Enter the arrival city.
  16. Enter the purpose of travel.
  17. Requestor/traveler signature (requestor can be a support staff person, e.g. an administrative assistant).
  18. Authorized signature (based on existing departmental procedures). 

Reminder: Fax the completed form to the travel agency purchasing the airline or rail ticket(s) on your behalf or your ticket will not be issued. Send the original Travel Order Form to University Accounting within two business days of the fax order date.

American Colpitt/Kriegner Travel 609-737-3932
Class A/Kuller/IT Travel 609-406-0340
Worldtex Travel 203-865-2034