Credit Card Merchant Account

Establishing a Credit Card Merchant Account for your department

Departments (and vendors with which the departments negotiate services) wishing to accept credit cards for goods and / or services at or on behalf of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey must be in compliance with current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) before a merchant number will be authorized. Visit the Office of Treasury Operations for more information on PCI DSS.

Point of Sale (POS) Merchant Accounts

POS Merchant Accounts refer to credit card payments made in person by written authorization, or by telephone through a credit card terminal. These transactions require daily batching and must be recorded on a RU Cash Receipts journal. The journal and a copy of the batch totals must be attached to the RU Cash Receipts journal on a timely basis. Read the university 40.2.8 Cash Handling Policy for more information.

Internet Merchant Accounts and ScholarChip Payment Gateway (SCPG)

A department can establish an internet merchant account to accept payments through a departmental website. With a connection to the SCPG, payments are automatically deposited to the university bank account and all transactions will post to the general ledger account(s) designated by the department. Daily reports and electronic refund options are available on the ScholarChip website.

To establish a merchant account with ScholarChip, visit the Office of Treasury Operations for PCI compliance and forward a letter stating the business reason for the account. University Accounting will send out a questionnaire to create the department, user(s) and accounting interface on the ScholarChip Payment Gateway. Contact information for ScholarChip personnel will be communicated once the Office of Treasury Operations management requirements have been fulfilled. ScholarChip processes Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Debit Cards and E-checks.

Internet Merchant Accounts (Stand-Alone)

Departments that want to accept payments through a website without connecting to ScholarChip must process their payments through the Cashiers’ Office. A daily print-out must accompany the Cash Transmittal (CT).  All cash transmittals must be submitted on a timely basis as set forth in the 40.2.8 Cash Handling Policy.

All refunds must be processed against the original instrument of payment. Some exceptions might apply, please contact University Accounting to confirm.