• Our Services

    The Division of University Accounting provides universitywide general accounting functions for units on campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. Our unit serves to:  

    • Maintain the university's financial accounting system and process all relevant documents. The system currently includes approximately 30,000 accounts, which are divided into five fund groups: Current Unrestricted, Current Restricted, Student Loan, Endowment, and Plant Funds.
    • Assist all units them with their understanding of the financial accounting system, meeting their needs for new accounts and procedures to control funds, and offering training and advice for ways to efficiently process documents and obtain meaningful accounting information for their operations.
    • Prepare internal financial reports; such reports include monthly account details, analyses, and projections, essential for effective planning, control, and decisionmaking.
    • Prepare external financial reports required by outside parties to evaluate the financial condition of the university, including all  audited financial statements of the university, various national surveys, and reports required by the state and federal governments.
    • Develop policies, procedures, systems, and internal controls necessary to meet the university's financial obligations, maintain budgetary control over all non-state and non-research funds, and maintain the university's compliance with all accounting principles, practices, and reporting requirements.